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Hand painted fine arts on any surface... Cafe Populaire ,Toulouse, France / Full theme... Welcome / Bienvenue / Benvingut / Decoration, Painted at O'Sullivans Irish Pub, Beziers, France. Welcome / Bienvenue / Benvingut / De Danu, 9, rue du Pont Guilhemery, Toulouse, France. Welcome / Bienvenue / Benvingut / Decoration, Painted at O'Sullivans Irish Pub,Beziers, France.

Recent works...

My most recent work was O'Sullivan's Irish Pub ,Beziers, in the south of France.. You can see a detailed gallery of the artwork @ SULLIVANS-Beziers

Another I take great pride in is the De Danu, Toulouse. This is Trevor Brennans (one of ireland's pride and joy of rugby) Irish Pub, I designed a lot of exterior work,so if walking up the canal in Toulouse, it's hard to miss... see more here@ De DANU

O'Sullivan's, Beziers, Toulouse De Danu,Trevor Brennan, Toulouse

New post's...

Left, O'Sullivans Albi, France:

Right / 'Smartphones' & their graphic spec's...iphone and ipad, google's android,blackberry, I could go on.. Sample how to create an icon or button: here

O'Sullivan's Irish Pub ,Albi copyright apple computers

Phil & slider sample...

Below here, you have Phill Lynott, painted in a live act in O'Sullivans Irish Pub in the south of France.Acrylic & mixed media on canvas, 100cm x 100cm. On the right, a slider showing some iphone & ipad is a developing site with cool art, wallpapers and general graphics down-loadable for presentation use. To see for yourself, go to 'ipadarts' @ ''.

copyright apple computers iphone graphics


Below left,a tutorial I made for PSD magazine. A detailed Photoshop tutorial from a sketch to a realistic finish.An online version can be seen @ ''.

Right is a detailed image published in an erotic magazine in the states..

Red Red


Freelance Jobs - Decoration,wall murals,artistic paint effects,Perpignan...

Decoration Perpignan,France.

Featured pub's & café's / O' Sullivans...

Below: Two examples of wall art, left, a 'rustic chimney with a design feature. Right: a Guinness wall effect built with plaster techniques, painted at O'Sullivans Irish Pub, Albi, France. "Go see more examples of O'Sullivans " @ SULLIVANS.

Chimney painted-O'Sullivans Guinness/stephen mc grogan

Pub's & café's continued / Café Populaire...

Left / A Jameson lightbox built over a counter of the Galway Irish Pub. Right: A mural in the Café Populaire, Toulouse, France. Visit the populaire gallery... "@ POPULAIRE"

Right / "Roots" Racines in french, winner of the jury prize this year in Toulouges , France.

Jameson lightbox/stephen mc grogan stephen mc grogan

Personilised Pannels & "rustic" publicite...

Trevor Brennan & De Danu, Toulouse...

Below/ A rustic Jameson pannel painted to measure for "De Danu", Rugby man Trevor Brennan's Irish Pub, on the canal in Toulouse, France. Right: A personlised pannel made for Trevor. Come & visit the De Danu gallery... "@ DE DANU"

Right / "Roots" Racines in french, winner of the jury prize this year in Toulouges , France.

Rustic Jameson pannel on wood/stephen mc grogan Trevor Brennan/stephen mc grogan

O' Neill's Caussade, & Mulligan's Irish Pub Toulouse...

Left / A Wall mural at O' Neill's Irish Pub, Caussade. The owner Pierre is the founder of 'Nuit Celt' the great celtic festival there.A beautiful region of France. Right: The facade of Mulligans Irish Pub, Toulouse, please visit their gallery's... "@ IRISH"

Right / "Roots" Racines in french, winner of the jury prize this year in Toulouges , France.

O'Niells irish pub Caussade Hand crafted facade's/stephen mc grogan



I make it my objective to take the time to provide full assistance to all your needs . I aim to be patient, helpful and understanding ,throughout the process of your job, specifying your website & design requirements 'or be it an illustration or painting, or concept for interior decoration',and actually creating your project.

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